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Sarms Express Canada's Frequently Asked Questions

Sarms Express Frequently Asked Questions
Here at Sarms Express Canada, we want to make sure there is no stone unturned. We have compile a few Frequently Asked Questions to help with any information you need.  Whether its Sarms Dosage,What are SARMs?,Are SARMs legal? , Are SARMs harmful?, Are SARMs steroids? And like always,if we haven't addressed something,  please feel free to Contact Us!

Yes this is true. We offer free shipping on all orders. All Across Canada
It important to know when to administer the product. We have created this page to show you the dosage regimen per product. Click here to our Sarms Dosage Page.
SARMs is short for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. SARMs stimulate the body to generate more of the hormones you already produce, rather than disrupting your body's natural output to the degree steroids do. For example they will signal tissues like muscle and ligaments to grow but not others such as the prostate, brain and liver. SARMs also don’t convert into unwanted metabolites such as DHT and estrogen as readily. SARMs do not suppress natural testosterone levels to the same extent as steroids depending on the substance, dosage, duration of use, and the individuals biochemistry, which makes better gains possible with faster recovery time with less disturbance to the endocrine system. ‎ However, aromatase inhibitors and post cycle therapy may be prudent depending on circumstances, please consult a physician before use. Here are some other Articles on Sarms: What is Sarms?
Yes, SARMs are legal in Canada.
Any substance when used incorrectly or abused can be harmful including water. Potential side effects are possible with any pharmacological substance and depend on the particular substance, dosage, duration, and individual user. When used appropriately potential side effects can be minimized or negated, and mild side effects should subside and resolve shortly after cessation of use. If you are uncertain about proper usage please contact our team for recommended dosing and duration, and consult a physician before use.